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Chimney Cleaning – Mess-Free Chimney Sweep In Tennessee

Our chimney sweep technicians provide chimney cleaning services in Knoxville TN and the surrounding cities of Gatlinburg TN, Maryville TN, Pigeon Forge TN, Jefferson City TN, and Oak Ridge TN. We offer rotary powered sweeping and chemical creosote treatments–the equipment and supplies sometimes required to remove the toughest forms of creosote. Leading fire safety experts at the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommend annual chimney cleaning, regardless of how frequently the fireplace or wood stove is used in winter.

certified chimney sweep in Pigeon Forge TNChimney cleaning is an important aspect of chimney maintenance, but it is also an essential step in safety. Every year, thousands of house fires occur because of neglected chimneys, resulting in many injuries and fatalities. A chimney with obstructions, deterioration, and/or damage, can lead to chimney fires or exposure to toxic fumes and deadly carbon monoxide poisoning.

At Four Seasons Fireplace & Chimney, our chimney sweep technicians are certified and fully trained to provide the best chimney cleaning in Knoxville and our entire service area. Our certified chimney sweeps provide chimney cleaning in Maryville, Jefferson City, Gatlinburg, Oak Ridge, Morristown, and Pigeon Forge plus the surrounding region.

Whenever you burn a wood fire in your fireplace, toxic fumes go up the chimney, but that’s not all that happens. Combustion by-products are left behind in the flue in the form of soot and creosote. Soot is a black powdery substance consisting mostly of carbon. Black, tar-like creosote is highly flammable. When there is a buildup of creosote in the flue, hot embers can cause it to ignite, starting a chimney fire. The incredible intensity of chimney fires often causes flue damage, as well, which makes the home more vulnerable to an out-of-control fire.

Three Types of Creosote

There are three levels of creosote, and each requires a different approach to cleaning.

  • The first level is fairly easy to remove using a professional-grade chimney sweep brush.
  • The second level of creosote occurs when the incoming air is restricted, and it is most common when the fireplace or wood stove has glass doors. This creosote looks like black flakes, and special equipment is required to remove it.
  • Third-level creosote is the most dangerous in a chimney fire. It looks like tar has been poured down the chimney. This type of creosote develops for a handful of reasons, including incomplete combustion and an oversized flue.

Our chimney sweeps have the expertise, tools, and equipment to get the job done right. In addition to chimney brushes, we use rotary powered sweeping and chemical creosote treatments, also known as PCR, which is made available to industry professionals.

chimney cleaning in knoxville tnNo-Mess Chimney Cleaning

No need to worry about your home getting messy when chimney cleaning by our experts is done at your Knoxville home. The tools we use are high-tech and make it possible to sweep the chimney while keeping your home clean and mess-free.

What’s the Best Time for Chimney Cleaning?

You can get your chimney cleaned by our chimney technicians any time of year. If you follow the advice of the NFPA, you will schedule annual chimney cleaning. Late summer and early fall are good times, since well-qualified chimney sweeps typically get much busier closer to fall and in winter. If you use your wood-burning fireplace very frequently, an additional cleaning while the weather is still cold may be the safest thing to do. Fire safety experts at the Chimney Safety Institute of America recommend cleaning the chimney anytime there is 1/8” of creosote buildup in the flue.

Contact our friendly professional chimney sweeps for no-mess chimney cleaning, quality service, and fair prices in Knoxville TN and the surrounding area, including Pigeon Forge, Morristown, Gatlinburg, Maryville, Oak Ridge, and Jefferson City.