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Chimney Inspection Hardin Valley TN – We Can Fix Your Chimney

Knoxville TN Chimney Inspections | Hardin Valley TN Chimney Service | CSIA-Certified Technicians Ready to Help

Wherever you live within the Greater Knoxville TN region including the Hardin Valley, Farragut and other Tennessee communities, Four Seasons Fireplace & Chimney is ready to keep your chimney safe and efficient with chimney inspections performed by experienced technicians.

certified chimney inspection in Lenoir City TNWhy Chimney Inspections Are so Important

When a chimney malfunctions or has suffered damage, the only way to know precisely what’s going on is to have the system inspected. Early signs of water damage, component damage or structural compromise often can be addressed simply and inexpensively before major repair or rebuilding projects become necessary. Chimney inspections by our CSIA-certified experts can find water leaks, brick decay, chimney liner damage, cracked chimney crowns and many other problems. We can then recommend the correct solution.

Types of Chimney Inspections We Perform for Our Hardin Valley Customers

Three levels of chimney inspection are recognized by the Chimney Safety Institute of America. We regularly perform all three levels at Knoxville-area homes.


Level 1: The “standard” chimney inspection covering all visible sections of the chimney system and components such as the damper, chimney crown, chimney liner and chimney cap.

Level 2: Level 2 inspections employ the use of video imaging technology and are called for when:

  • The home is being sold
  • Significant damage is suspected following a chimney fire or other event
  • A new appliance is being connected to the chimney or other system modifications are being made

Level 3: These inspections are performed when serious damage is uncovered during a previous inspection or is generally known to exist. Level 3 chimney inspections often involve the removal of sections of the chimney structure or building materials of the home in order to discover the extent of the problem.

Chimney Service & Repair in the Knoxville TN Region

If an inspection tells us that repairs are needed, our technicians are capable of handling any size job. We carry full certification through the Chimney Safety Institute of America and are proud members of the National Fire Protection Association and the National Chimney Sweep Guild.

Woodland Acres TN chimney serviceServices we perform for our Hardin Valley and Knoxville-area customers include:

  • Certified chimney sweep/chimney cleaning (creosote and obstruction removal)
  • Chimney cap and chase top installation and repair
  • Chimney crown repair/waterproofing
  • Chimney masonry brick work, tuckpointing and waterproofing
  • Repair and installation of chimney chase tops
  • Damaged flashing repair/replacement
  • Chimney liner installation/repair
  • Chimney leak repair
  • Smoke chamber parging
  • Firebox restoration/repair
  • Smoke shelf repair

Four Seasons Fireplace & Chimney is a family-owned business staffed by experienced chimney and fireplace technicians. We offer chimney inspection, chimney repair, chimney cleaning and fireplace and stove installations to our customers throughout Tennessee’s Hardin Valley and Greater Knoxville areas.

Call us today at (865) 344-6901 if you live in or around Farragut TN, Concord TN, Cedar Bluff TN, Woodland Acres TN, Lenoir City TN, Friendsville TN, Arline TN, Loudon TN, Solway TN, Karns TN, Wooded Acres TN, Oak Ridge TN, or Louisville TN. We’re committed to excellent results and a safe and functional chimney for you and your family.