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Chimney Repair In Knoxville TN – Chimney Liner & Masonry Repairs

Our trained and certified chimney sweeps provide chimney repairs and all other chimney services for customers in Knoxville TN and surrounding cities, including Gatlinburg TN, Oak Ridge TN, Maryville TN, Pigeon Forge TN, and Jefferson City TN.

For long-term, safe use of your chimney, maintenance and repairs are necessary. Annual inspections are recommended by all leading safety organizations. Chimney inspections can help you catch problems early, which saves you money in the long run. Of course, problems can occur between annual inspections, though you may not realize it. Chimneys are vulnerable to moisture, high winds, extreme rain and snow events, lightning, and animals. Sometimes repair is needed simply because of normal wear and tear.

Our chimney experts at Four Seasons Fireplace & Chimney can help with chimney services, including chimney repairs in Knoxville and surrounding communities—such as Pigeon Forge, Maryville, Morristown, Oak Ridge, Jefferson City, and Gatlinburg. You can depend on our friendly professionals, no matter what type of chimney issues may arise for you. The following are a few of the types of high-quality chimney repairs our chimney sweeps perform regularly.

chimney liner install in jefferson city tn

Chimney Liners

Chimney liners are critical safety components, but they deteriorate over time and often as a result of a chimney fire. With even the smallest crack in the flue, combustible parts of the home are exposed to extremely hot temperatures and could ignite, creating a dangerous house fire. Chimney flue deterioration can also lead to the release of deadly carbon monoxide into the home. If you need chimney liner replacement, we recommend having a new stainless steel liner installed by our skilled experts.

chimney rebuilding in gatlinburg tn

Masonry Repair / Rebuilding

Whether you need minor masonry repair, a masonry rebuild, or any other type of chimney masonry work in Knoxville TN, our fully licensed and insured chimney professionals can get the job done right. Our chimney technicians specialize in chimney rebuilding, masonry repair, tuckpointing, firebox repair, parging, chimney crown maintenance and rebuilding, and more.

chimney crown repair in knoxville tn

Chimney Crowns

The chimney crown on your chimney is there to help prevent water damage in the internal chimney system. It’s not unusual for chimney crowns to suffer damage and deterioration due to exposure to harsh outdoor conditions. It’s important to have a chimney crown in good condition, which means there are no cracks or other signs of deterioration that can allow intrusion of water into the masonry. At Four Seasons Fireplace & Chimney, we offer chimney crown repair and other solutions, such as sealant, to help keep water out.

chimney cap install in jefferson city tn

Chimney Cap / Chimney Chase Top

The appliance at the top of the flue, the chimney cap or chimney chase top, will usually do a good job of helping to keep water and usually also animals out of your chimney. If you don’t have a chimney cap or chase top, contact us at Four Seasons Fireplace & Chimney for installation. Keep in mind, however, that chimney caps and chase tops are subject to a lot of wear and tear. Occasionally, they need repair or replacement.

chimney repair in knoxville tn

Chimney Flashing

Many chimney leaks that occur every year are caused by faulty or deteriorating chimney flashing. If you aren’t sure whether your flashing is leaking or not, contact our chimney sweeps for a chimney inspection and flashing repairs, if needed. Our technicians can apply rubberized flashing cement, to help protect your chimney.

The chimney sweeps at Four Seasons Fireplace & Chimney are proud to help keep families in Knoxville TN safe by providing professional chimney repairs and maintenance. Our comprehensive chimney services are also provided to surrounding cities of Oak Ridge, Pigeon Forge, Maryville, Morristown, Jefferson City, and Gatlinburg, plus others in the service area. If your chimney is due for maintenance or needs chimney repairs, contact us today.