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Chimney Sweep In Gatlinburg TN – Chimney Repair & Fireplace Services

Four Seasons Fireplace & Chimney offers affordable & reliable chimney sweep services to residents in Gatlinburg TN and nearby cities of Zion Grove TN, Oldham TN, and Laurel TN as well as Pittman Center TN, which is just to the east of Gatlinburg. We are located in Knoxville TN and also serve Oak Ridge TN, Jefferson City TN, Lenoir City TN, Farragut TN, Maryville TN, and Pigeon Forge TN, and the entire greater Knoxville TN area. Chimney sweep services include chimney maintenance, chimney restoration, flashing repair, leaky chimney repair, chimney cap installation, and sales and installation of wood and gas fireplaces and stoves.

Gatlinburg TN chimney service and repair
For reliable chimney services in Gatlinburg TN and nearby Pittman Center, Zion Grove, Oldham, and Laurel, Four Seasons Fireplace & Chimney is the place to call. All of our chimney technicians are experienced, skilled Certified Chimney Professionals (CCPs). We are licensed and insured and maintain several professional affiliations, including memberships with National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Our comprehensive chimney sweep services include chimney inspections, flue relining, odor problems, fireplace and chimney restoration, chimney cleaning, fireplace and stove sales and installs, and masonry chimney repairs.

Chimney Repair In Gatlinburg TN

Chimneys are vulnerable to damage, and chimney repairs are needed for a wide range of reasons. We offer homeowners in Gatlinburg dependable chimney repair services, such as chimney liner repair and replacement, chimney crown repair, repairs for chimney leaks, re-pointing, chimney rebuilds, and much more. Our recommendations for chimney repairs are always based on honest assessments of your chimney’s condition. We never oversell or recommend unnecessary work.

chimney chase cover install in gatlinburg tn

Chimney Caps & Chase Tops

Chimney caps and chase tops don’t come standard with a fireplace, yet they are essential appliances. They keep rain, snow, and debris from going directly into your chimney flue. Chase tops and chimney caps with mesh will also keep animals out and serve as a “spark guard,” to prevent hot embers from escaping and possibly igniting a fire on your roof or other combustible materials in the immediate area.

chimney liner install in Gaithersburg TN

Chimney Liners

Clay tile chimney liners are prone to crack and deteriorate, which creates an increased risk of a dangerous house fire and exposure to toxic fumes, including deadly carbon monoxide. A damaged flue must always be repaired or replaced. We suggest that Gatlinburg homeowners choose stainless steel liners for chimney liner replacement. You can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your flue is safe to use. A stainless-steel liner is typically needed anytime a highly efficient closed-system fireplace insert is installed, as well.

gatlinburg tn chimney repair flashing

Chimney Leak In Gatlinburg TN

You may have a chimney leak if you see water stains on the walls and ceiling near your fireplace, if there are dripping sounds in the chimney, or if there is water or condensation in the firebox. Don’t hesitate to call the best chimney sweeps for homeowners in Gatlinburg and throughout the greater Knoxville area. Our skilled technicians at Four Seasons Fireplace & Chimney will fix the chimney leak before more damage occurs. Schedule an inspection now.

chimney crown repair in gatlinburg tn

Chimney Crown Repair

The layer of concrete at the top of masonry fireplaces is the chimney crown, and it is a component of every chimney that eventually requires repair. The cement cracks and in other ways deteriorates, allowing moisture into the chimney system. The quicker repairs are made, the less expensive the repairs related to the chimney leak will be. If chimney crown damage is too extensive, removal and chimney crown replacement is needed. Our certified technicians are qualified chimney masons and can handle chimney crown repair for homeowners in Gatlinburg and nearby Pittman Center, Zion Grove, Oldham, and Laurel.

chimney masonry repair in gatlinburg tn

Chimney Rebuilding & Restoration

It is not unusual for chimney masonry to deteriorate and require partial or complete removal and chimney rebuild. Our chimney experts at Four Seasons Fireplace & Chimney are skilled chimney masons. It’s important to rely on chimney professionals for chimney rebuilds, to ensure proper operation and durability of the restored structure. If damaged mortar is discovered before water invades the chimney system, we can scrape out the weak mortar and repoint between the bricks.

Fireplace & Insert Install

Many homeowners in Gatlinburg and the Knoxville area are opting for efficient stand-alone fireplaces and fireplace inserts. We will meet with you to assess your needs and suggest the best fit for a wood or gas insert or stand-alone fireplace for your home. We sell and professionally install quality fireplace inserts and stoves.

gas burning stove installation in gatlinburg tn

Stove Installation

A wood or gas heating stove is a sound investment for residents in Gatlinburg and nearby cities of Oldham, Pittman Center, Laurel, and Zion Grove looking to lower their winter heating costs. If you are interested in new heating stove installation, we will meet with you, evaluate your needs, and make suggestions regarding the models of quality stoves that make the best fit for your home. Our certified technicians at Four Seasons Fireplace & Chimney are trained and skilled at heating stove sales and installation.