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Fireplace, Insert & Stove Install / Sales In Hardin Valley TN – West Knoxville, Farragut, Concord TN & More

Gas or wood zero-clearance fireplaces, gas or wood stoves and powerful gas or wood fireplace inserts bring warmth, economy, performance and safety to any home. Top makers such as Supreme, Regency and Blaze King have a variety of models that will meet all your heating and aesthetic requirements. Question is, which is the right choice for you?

Stunning Gas and Wood Fireplaces

Modern zero-clearance (ZC) fireplaces can run on either gas or wood and deliver far more heat than their masonry fireplace counterparts. Both styles can be placed into virtually any wall in your home, and neither require the construction of a chimney since they come with their own vent pipe systems. Choose among many designs, sizes, styles and finishes.

Cedar Bluff TN fireplace insert installationThe fireplace you always wanted for your Knoxville or Hardin Valley area home will be professionally installed by Four Seasons’ certified technicians, who are known throughout this region in Tennessee as the first choice for appliance service, repairs, cleaning and installation.

Gorgeous Gas and Wood Heating Stoves

A new free-standing stove gives you plenty of options on where to place it and a host of features that translate into more heat, more beauty and more safety than stoves built even 10 years ago. Current EPA standards mean today’s gas and wood stoves run with high efficiency and deliver the heat you need on the coldest winter nights.

Stoves can be set within the living areas of rooms or against a wall. Traditionalists love wood-burning models and the amazing flames leaping from crackling logs. If convenience is what you’re after, nothing is easier to operate than a powerful gas-driven heating stove.

Gas and Wood Fireplace Inserts

If you like your masonry fireplace but don’t like its sluggish heating performance, you can transform it with a new gas or wood fireplace insert.

These factory-made appliances are like fireplaces in a box, designed to fit right into your existing fireplace and bring you all the heat and beauty you desire. Inserts come with heat-efficiency ratings that are three or four (or more) times greater than traditional masonry fireplaces.

Gas Log Sets

Homeowners throughout the Hardin Valley, Farragut TN and Greater Knoxville have found that the simplest way to bring a new source of heat and beauty into their homes is with a lovely gas log set. Simply place them into your fireplace’s firebox, connect the set to a gas line and you’ve got instant beauty that you regulate with a switch. The flames are vibrant, the logs look amazingly like real wood logs and the convenience is unmatched.

Gas log sets require virtually no maintenance. They don’t leave shavings or chips you need to sweep up. No ash or creosote is generated during burns. If you want quick fires and no intrusion on your time or energy, go with a new gas log set.

gas fireplace install and sales in west knoxville tnProfessional Installation Throughout the Hardin Valley/Knoxville TN Region

Four Seasons Fireplace & Chimney will help you investigate the different features and benefits of zero-clearance fireplaces, heating stoves and fireplace inserts so you can bring home the perfect model. Once you’ve made your decision, count on our experienced installation technicians to set up your new appliance correctly, safely and in accord with any local zoning or fire-safety regulations. If you need a chimney repair we can also help!

Call (865) 344-6901 today to speak with a fireplace and stove professional. Four Seasons serves homeowners in Knoxville TN, West Knoxville TN, Hardin Valley TN, Farragut TN, Concord TN, Cedar Bluff TN, Woodland Acres TN, Lenoir City TN, Friendsville TN, Arline TN, Loudon TN, Solway TN, Karns TN, Wooded Acres TN, Oak Ridge TN, Louisville TN and other Tennessee communities.