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Gas Service & Repair

Gas fireplace repair in Maryville TNThe certified the greater Knoxville area, including Oak Ridge TN, Gatlinburg TN, Pigeon Forge TN, Maryville TN, and Jefferson City TN.

Annual gas service and fireplace, Inserts and stoves. Homeowners usually appreciate the convenience of gas fireplaces but can become complacent about keeping up with annual maintenance. After all, there’s no hazardous creosote buildup in the chimney. There’s no danger that embers will cause a chimney fire, and chimney cleaning isn’t usually needed.

Yes, gas fireplaces and stoves are practically maintenance-free, but annual inspections are crucial. It’s essential to understand that failing to properly maintain freestanding gas heating stoves and fireplaces can lead to a hazardous situation related to improper combustion. The release of toxic carbon monoxide fumes is the gravest potential danger associated with gas heating appliances.



Gas Fireplace Check-Up Checklist

The various components of a gas heating appliance need to be checked regularly because many different things could potentially go wrong. A look at the checklist below can provide an idea of the importance of a gas heating unit tune-up:Combustion chamber – Clean, as needed

  • Gas log – Check for signs of deterioration and replace as needed. Gas logs can last up to ten years but there are many variables that can accelerate damage
  • Burners – Clean and vacuum the burners and then put fireplace elements back in place, as needed, such as logs and ember material
  • Glass – Use the glass cleaning compound recommended by the manufacturer
  • Ignition – Check and, as needed, make adjustments to improve performance
  • Main burner combustion – Check to ensure safe operation
  • Pilot – Clean and check
  • Gas valve – Test to ensure proper operation
  • System wiring – Check for signs of deterioration
  • Venting – Check for condition and proper draft
  • Thermocouple/powerpile – Check to ensure proper operation
  • Remote/Thermostat – Check to ensure proper operation
  • Gas logs – Check for signs of deterioration
  • Carbon monoxide – Check to determine whether there are unsafe levels of carbon monoxide during the inspection
  • Blower wheel – If accessible, check and, as needed, clean

gas fireplace inspection in Farragut TN

Common Mistakes Made During Gas Fireplace Installation

It’s truly important to hire certified, trained experts like the chimney technicians at Four Seasons Fireplace & Chimney

  • The valve installed for a gas fireplace must be the proper valve for that particular unit. There are many burner and valve systems to choose from, and that’s where a lot of the confusion can come in for those who are less experienced. Ultimately, a mistake on valve installation means that a hazardous charge of electricity could end up passing through the valve, which would likely then damage other components of the heating system linked to it.
  • During installation, the vent pipe may be placed a dangerously close distance to combustible materials.
  • The wrong vent pipe meant to route burnt combustion gases outside may be installed, preventing the appliance from operating safely.

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