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Knoxville, TN, Chimney Repairs | Service for Chimney Caps, Chimney Crowns, Chimney Liners & More | Certified Chimney Technicians on Call

chimney repair service in Knoxville TN
Four Seasons Fireplace & Chimney of Knoxville, TN, provides a full menu of chimney repair services that address structural problems, chimney leaks, component damage and other issues. We work throughout the entire Knoxville region, bringing the best in service and workmanship to our customers.

chimney liner repair in Knoxville TNChimney Repairs Save You Money

Like with any appliance or piece of equipment, chimneys need periodic repair and restoration work to keep them running in peak condition and in a way that’s safe for you and your family. By scheduling chimney repair work when it’s needed, rather than putting it off, you can avoid expensive repair projects and dangerous operating conditions down the line.

Chimney Masonry Repair in Knoxville, TN

No matter what issues exist with your chimney’s masonry, our certified technicians will get to work to quickly solve the problem. We perform brick repair, tuckpointing, surface waterproofing, partial and complete chimney rebuilding and all other tasks necessary to restore perfect working order to your chimney.

Chimney Liner Repair & Replacement

Your chimney liner, whether it’s made of steel, tile or a poured-in-place compound, does a very important job: it shields the internal chimney masonry from the intense heat of fires. When a liner is cracked, split or otherwise damaged, it can lead to structural decay, a leaky chimney or a chimney fire. We repair and replace all styles of chimney liners.

Chimney Cap Installation & Repair

A chimney cap is one of the best ways to prevent water and outside debris from entering your flue. Along with keeping things out of your chimney, a good chimney cap also blocks fiery embers from escaping the top of your chimney and landing on the roof or in the yard. Chimney cap repair is needed if your cap is warped, torn or not fitting correctly. If you don’t have a chimney cap, we can install one.

Chimney Crown Repair

A common problem we see at Knoxville homes is cracks in the chimney crown, which is the cement covering at the top of the chimney. When you have a cracked chimney crown, water can seep into the openings and begin decaying the cement. Eventually, water will infiltrate the bricks, where it can cause significant structural damage. Our certified chimney technicians can repair or rebuild your chimney crown to prevent more serious problems in the future.

chimney chase cover install in Knoxville TN

Chimney Chase Top Repair

Chimney chase tops cover the top of the chimney and are usually found on factory-made chimneys. Older chase tops are prone to rusting, which leaves them vulnerable to water leaks. Regardless the level or type of damage, we can repair or replace your chimney chase top.

In addition to the chimney repairs listed above we also repair:

  • Chimney flashing
  • Throat dampers and top-sealing dampers
  • Smoke chambers
  • Smoke shelves
  • Fireboxes

Why A Chimney Inspection Is Important

When you schedule annual chimney inspections at your Knoxville home, we’ll be able to spot early signs of trouble and get them repaired before serious damage occurs. Professional chimney inspections can cover just the visible areas of a chimney and its components and also can go deeper, using video technology to inspect areas the eye can’t see.

Do you have a leaky chimney? Is your chimney masonry crumbling? Are any of your chimney’s components including the chimney cap, chimney crown, chimney liner, damper or others in need of repair or replacement? Four Seasons Fireplace & Chimney is the name to trust for the very best in customer service and workmanship.

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