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Leaky Chimney Repair In Knoxville Tennessee

Chimney leaks are among the most common reasons homeowners in Knoxville TN and the surrounding area seek help from professional chimney sweeps. We’ve got you covered for services involving chimney repair, chimney caps, masonry work, chimney restoration, fireplace repair, chimney crowns, and much more, whether you live in Pigeon Forge TN, Oak Ridge TN, or elsewhere in the Knoxville area.

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You may suspect that you have a leaky chimney because of water puddling up in your fireplace, water stains on your ceilings and walls near the fireplace, or water in your attic. It’s important to contact chimney professionals without delay. Any damage caused by a chimney leak will only worsen with time. You could reduce repair costs by taking fast action.

At Four Seasons Fireplace & Chimney, our technicians are all certified and fully trained. Although discovering the source of a chimney leak is rarely easy, our chimney experts are able to determine the cause of leaky chimneys and make needed repairs as quickly as possible.

Why is My Chimney Leaking?

Masonry chimneys are often perceived as extremely durable structures, but they are actually highly vulnerable to damage. Moisture is the number one cause of chimney damage leading to leaks. The following are among the most common causes of chimney leaks:

Chimney Cap or Chase Cover

A chimney cap or chimney chase cover needs to be installed at the top of your flue, to prevent rain and snow from going directly down the chimney. You may already have a chimney cap or chimney chase cover but the appliance is damaged. Chimney cap repair or replacement may be needed, to prevent further chimney leaks.

Chimney Crown

At homes in Knoxville TN and nearby cities of Pigeon Forge TN, Oak Ridge TN, and Morristown TN, chimney experts often discover that the chimney crown is cracked and deteriorating. Chimney crowns are meant to keep water out of the chimney system; but it’s normal for them to crack in the harsh outdoor conditions. When the crown is damaged, water can flow directly into the chimney system and cause leaks into the home.

Chimney Flashing

The metal flashing on a chimney is supposed to create a waterproof seal between the roof and the chimney, but things often go wrong. Proper installation of chimney flashing is difficult to achieve, making it possible for water to get in. If a nail on the roof portion of the flashing rusts, the result can be a leaky chimney that damages the roof.

why is my chimney leaking in knoxville tn?Mortar

Mortar that keeps moisture away from chimney masonry only lasts about 25 years, at best. When the mortar begins to crack and peel off, a procedure called “tuckpointing” can be done, as long as moisture hasn’t already penetrated the masonry. With tuckpointing, old mortar is removed and fresh mortar is added, giving the chimney structure renewed stability and strength.

Chimney Leak Prevention

If you take steps to prevent chimney leaks, it could save money on costly repairs. Waterproofing can be applied by our chimney experts at Four Seasons Fireplace & Chimney. Waterproofing material adds a protective barrier that helps keep water out of masonry. Keep gutters clear of debris so that water doesn’t back up and possibly cause a chimney leak.

For homeowners in Knoxville, Pigeon Forge, Oak Ridge, Morristown, and throughout the area, Four Seasons Fireplace & Chimney is the place to call for chimney leaks and repair. When trained, experienced chimney sweeps handle leaky chimneys, you save time and money. Call Four Seasons Fireplace & Chimney today.