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Winter Is Coming: Are You (and Your Chimney) Prepared?

chimney sweep in knoxville tnIt’s that time of year again and as the fall season approaches, some things just go together: high school football, jack-o’-lantern carving, cooler nights, and pumpkin spiced everything. And on these cooler nights here in Knoxville TN, nothing makes you feel better than a nice, warm fire in your fireplace.

When it comes to your home, things like safety, cleanliness, and the health of your family and all who enter your home are important. If you have a chimney, like all things worth having, it comes with maintenance. As the saying goes, a clean chimney is a happy home. In order to keep your home clean, happy, and healthy, you need your chimney swept and cleaned regularly. Four Seasons Fireplace & Chimney can help with a full range of Chimney Sweep services in the Knoxville area.

How regularly, you may ask?
The National Fire Protection Agency recommends “having your home’s chimney, fireplace, and vents cleaned and inspected for soundness, freedom from deposits, and clearances annually.”
According to Fireplace Universe there are seven tell-tale signs your chimney needs cleaning

1. You can smell or see smoke in your home after you use your fireplace.

2. Your fireplace surround is beginning to darken and turn black.

3. Your fires aren’t burning as robustly as before.

4. Strong odors are emitting from your fireplace.

5. Soot is dropping down into your fireplace.

6. Birds, squirrels, and other animals are nesting in the chimney.

7. You receive an angry letter from Mrs. Claus about how your fireplace is ruining Santa’s suit each year.
Just kidding on that last one.

But seriously, Santa isn’t the only one who wants you to have a clean chimney.
If your chimney is experiencing any of these conditions, you and your family’s health may be in danger.

Can I Clean My Chimney Myself?

And while you could do it yourself, (you can probably recall the last time you Youtube’d a household project and tried to do something you should’ve hired a professional to do for you), as with most things that matter, it’s best to hire a certified chimney pro.

So, this year (and every year), leave the dirty work to us and hire a professional chimney sweep so you can kick back, relax, and keep the fire burning clean, healthy, and beautifully.
Because as they say in Game of Thrones “Winter is coming” in Knoxville Tennessee. #BePrepared

We are ready to help you “Get Ready” for Winter.
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