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Chimney Flashing Repair – Storm Damaged Chimney

Chimney leaks occur for many different reasons, and chimney flashing is one of the most common causes of leaky chimneys. The certified chimney sweeps at Four Seasons Fireplace & Chimney provide chimney flashing repair in Knoxville TN and the greater Knoxville area, including Maryville TN, Jefferson City TN, Gatlinburg TN, Oak Ridge TN, and Pigeon Forge TN. We also specialize in chimney masonry repair, chimney inspections, chimney cleaning, and all other chimney and venting services homeowners need.

Chimney flashing is associated with leaks more often than any other chimney component. In Knoxville TN and the surrounding area, Four Seasons Fireplace & Chimney provides homeowners with reliable chimney services, including flashing installation. Chimney flashing is especially challenging to install correctly.

chimney flashing repair in maryville tnWhat is Chimney Flashing?

The sheet metal at the base of chimneys is the chimney flashing. The purpose of flashing is to create a watertight seal between the chimney and the roof. Flashing is placed under the roof covering, such as shingles, and then the flashing goes upward, laying flush against the four sides of the chimney walls.

Stainless steel, aluminum, and copper are the typical materials used for chimney flashing. Aluminum is the least expensive and most prone to rust. Copper and stainless steel are far more long-lasting, and copper is the most expensive and has the most decorative appeal.

The most vulnerable part of chimney flashing is at the top, where it is tricky to install correctly. Urethane caulking is typically used to ensure a watertight bond. It’s important that the technicians installing chimney flashing on your home have experience.

What Type of Chimney Flashing Repair is Needed?

A chimney leak can occur when chimney flashing that’s against the roof has a rusty nail. If there isn’t a watertight seal at the top of the flashing, water runs down into the chimney system and can cause damage in a home’s interior. Not only can flashing rust, it can become loose or cracked due to extreme weather or as a result of common wear and tear. Faulty flashing repair or installation often result in the need for further repair.

Leaky flashing can cause wood rot, mold, drywall damage, damage of roof structures and deterioration of masonry due to water intrusion.

oak ridge tnchimney repair flashingHow to Help Prevent Damage from Chimney Flashing Leaks

Homeowners can periodically check in their attic to make sure a chimney leak isn’t causing roof damage. Another preventative measure is to schedule annual chimney inspections. All of the leading fire safety organizations agree that annual chimney inspections are important. This includes the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), and the International Masonry Institute (IMI).

One of the many benefits of a chimney inspection is that the flashing is carefully checked. Four Seasons Fireplace & Chimney offers expert chimney inspections and chimney flashing repair for homeowners in Knoxville as well as nearby communities of Maryville, Jefferson City, Gatlinburg, Oak Ridge, Morristown, and Pigeon Forge.

Oftentimes, our technicians find that the caulking on chimney flashing is developing gaps, and fresh caulking is added. New flashing may be required, if there is corrosion or part of the metal flashing is missing.

Contact us today at Four Seasons Fireplace & Chimney if you need to schedule a chimney inspection or if you want the condition of your chimney flashing checked.