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Fireplace Insert Installs – Wood, Pellet & Gas Inserts For Sale

Our CCP-certified technicians at Four Seasons Fireplace & Chimney can give you the fireplace makeover you are dreaming of. Hearth appliance changeouts in which fireplace inserts are installed inside existing fireplaces provide homeowners with an efficiency upgrade. Homeowners in Knoxville TN and the greater Knoxville area, including Gatlinburg TN, Oak Ridge TN, Maryville TN, Jefferson City TN, and Pigeon Forge TN, can rely on Four Seasons Fireplace & Chimney for expert assistance with fireplace inserts and all varieties of fireplace makeovers.

wood insert for sale in knoxville tn

Standard masonry fireplaces provide an appealing place to get fires ignited, but they just don’t bring the heat. Of all the fireplace makeovers homeowners in Knoxville TN can have, hearth appliance changeouts provide some of the best benefits. Of greatest importance to most homeowners is the fact that having a fireplace insert installed will dramatically increase the heat output of their fireplace. Our CCP-certified chimney sweeps offer fireplace insert sales of gas, wood, and pellet fireplace inserts plus professional fireplace insert installation.

A fireplace insert is custom designed for installation inside the firebox of your masonry or pre-fabricated fireplace. Professional installation is essential, to ensure that you get maximum efficiency from your insert. The size must be correct, and expert chimney technicians ensure that the new fireplace insert is safe to operate and delivers the best possible efficiency. You can also rest assured that professional fireplace insert installation means technicians doing the work are thoroughly knowledgeable about and compliant with local restrictions and building codes.

Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts

You can enjoy the ambiance of a wood fire when you have a wood-burning fireplace insert. An insert has glass doors that allow a view of the flames, but there is a very important difference. Instead of 10% efficiency at best that a traditional fireplace delivers, you can enjoy the heat from an appliance with 70% efficiency or higher. Wood inserts burn wood more completely and result in less pollution. Wood-burning fireplace inserts are a good choice because the fuel is a carbon-neutral renewable resource.

Chimney cleaning and a chimney inspection by a chimney sweep expert are still important after your fireplace makeover. Creosote should be removed regularly to help prevent dangerous chimney fires and to avoid dangers of chimney obstruction caused by creosote buildup.

Gas Fireplace Inserts

The convenience of using gas may be your favorite thing about switching to a gas fireplace insert. The technology of delivering instant flames and extinguishing the flames just as quickly is the perfect match for many homeowners in Knoxville and nearby cities of Gatlinburg, Morristown, Oak Ridge, Maryville, Jefferson City, and Pigeon Forge.

Gas fireplace inserts are available in many attractive styles. When you choose gas fireplace insert installation, you are escaping the mess associated with wood fires. No need to chop or haul logs. There will be no ashes to clean up, either. Remember, however, that an annual chimney inspection by a CCP-certified chimney sweep is important, no matter what type of hearth appliance changeout you choose.

pellet insert install in jefferson city tnPellet Burning Fireplace Inserts

Pellet fireplaces provide the greenest heating solution for your home. Pellet fireplaces burn compact pellets made with wood waste, and they have extremely low moisture content. Combustion is so complete in pellet fireplaces that hardly any ash is produced. You can also enjoy many hours of hands-free operation because the pellets are poured into a hopper and automatically feed the fire in the burn pot at the pace you set.

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Four Seasons Fireplace & Chimney is the place to call for fireplace makeovers that improve heating efficiency. Our certified chimney sweeps provide expert hearth appliance changeouts. We can help you choose the fireplace insert that’s right for you, whether wood, gas, or pellet. If you live in Knoxville, Gatlinburg, Morristown, Oak Ridge, Maryville, Jefferson City, Pigeon Forge, or elsewhere in the greater Knoxville area, contact us today.