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Chimney Waterproofing – Prevent A Leaky Chimney In TN

Preventing water from damaging a chimney is not easy, especially considering the porosity of bricks. Chimney waterproofing involves the application of water repellent. Waterproofing is one of the ways the chimney sweeps at Four Seasons Fireplace & Chimney help homeowners in Knoxville TN as well as nearby cities Maryville TN, Gatlinburg TN, and Jefferson City TN reduce chimney repair costs.

Chimneys have an enemy that causes damage from all angles, and that enemy is water. It’s rarely immediately obvious that moisture damage has occurred. Meanwhile, the water damage worsens, resulting in the need for expensive repairs. The chimney sweeps at Four Seasons Fireplace & Chimney are dedicated to serving the best interests of each customer, whether in Knoxville or any of the cities in the service area, including Jefferson City, Gatlinburg, and Maryville. Chimney waterproofing is an effective way to help keep water out.

chimney damaged from rain and need repair in Lenoir City TNWhat Type of Damage Does Water Cause?

Water in a chimney structure is bad news. The following are some types of chimney damage and fireplace damage caused by water:

  • The mortar on exterior masonry decays at an accelerated pace.
  • Walls and ceilings in the home become water-stained.
  • The moisture mixes with toxic creosote and causes deterioration of the chimney liner.
  • Wood adjacent to the chimney rots.
  • The roof rots due to leaky chimney flashing.
  • Freezing and thawing cycles cause masonry to expand and contract. Without needed repairs, spalling occurs, which means the brick face pops and flakes off. Eventually, the chimney structure will begin to lean and could collapse entirely.
  • Ruined wall covering.
  • Rusted damper assemblies.
  • Rust on fireplace accessories and glass doors.

How Does Water Get into Chimney Masonry?

Although a masonry chimney is built to keep moisture out, it’s not unusual for water to get in, anyway. Part of the reason is that the elements outdoors can be harsh, resulting in deterioration.

The flow of water on the roof can greatly impact the durability of a chimney and its ability to keep moisture out. If the path of drainage for rainwater on the roof flows directly into the side of a chimney, accelerated chimney decay caused by water can be expected; and one solution is to build a cricket or saddle, which is a ridge structure to divert water away from the side of the chimney.

The following are ways water gets into the chimney system but that waterproofing could help prevent:

  • The chimney crown, which is supposed to prevent water from flowing between the chimney flue and exterior masonry, cracks and deteriorates.
  • Mortar on the chimney cracks and breaks off, allowing water to penetrate the masonry.
  • The bricks are especially porous.

certified chimney waterproofing in knoxville tnHow Does Waterproofing Work?

When chimney professionals apply waterproofing for homeowners in Knoxville and nearby cities Jefferson City, Gatlinburg, Maryville, and surrounding areas, their customers can rest easier, knowing that water repellent on the chimney is helping to prevent the need for costly chimney repairs. A chimney expert will first be sure the masonry hasn’t already had water intrusion. Any damage that has already occurred must be repaired before waterproofing can be applied. A stone chimney can also benefit from water repellent because the mortar is better protected from deterioration.

Schedule Waterproofing / Water Repellant

Call Four Seasons Fireplace & Chimney today so that waterproofing can be applied before damage occurs to your chimney. Moisture is a continuous threat to a chimney, and it’s best to have waterproofing applied before the damage has already been done. Contact our chimney experts today, whether you are in Knoxville or any of the surrounding areas.