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Chimney Rebuild & Masonry Repair In Hardin Valley Knoxville TN – Farragut, West Knoxville TN & More

When chimneys need rebuilding or repair, homeowners throughout Hardin Valley TN and the greater Knoxville TN region trust Four Seasons Fireplace & Chimney to get the job done promptly, safely and correctly. Our CSIA-certified chimney professionals address all levels of chimney damage.

Chimney Rebuilding Services

Chimneys are strong structures, but old age and a variety of weather and seismic events as well as water damage can cause them to lose their soundness and become unsafe to operate. Chimney rebuilding in and around Farragut and the Hardin Valley often is necessary because of:

  • chimney masonry repair in concord TNWater and moisture in the system
  • Destruction from pounding hail
  • Lightning damage
  • Extreme summer heat, season after season
  • Damage to the chimney liner that leads to weakened masonry
  • Earthquake damage
  • House-settling and foundational shifting

Any of these events can compromise the integrity of even the best-built chimneys. Four Seasons’ technicians have the equipment and training to restore safety and efficiency to your chimney through a variety of chimney rebuilding and repair services.

Knoxville Masonry Repair & Tuckpointing

It’s not uncommon for chimney bricks and mortar to become damaged. Areas of crumbling, loose bricks, missing bricks and overall decay point to the need for timely chimney repair before the problem gets out of hand.

One way we address chimney damage is with a process called tuckpointing, where we add a fresh new compound to replace decayed mortar joints. This gives new strength and stability to the chimney and can prevent a major chimney rebuilding project down the line. For more severe cases, we perform partial or total chimney rebuilding, leaving your chimney strong and ready to serve you for many more seasons.

Chimney Rebuilding Is a Job for Professionals

While you may be able to handle certain minor chimney maintenance jobs, small- or full-scale chimney restorations and rebuilding should only be undertaken by skilled professionals who are used to working with residential chimneys.

At Four Seasons, we proudly maintain industry certifications and affiliations with the Chimney Safety Institute of America (“Certified Chimney Professional”), the National Chimney Sweep Guild and the National Fire Protection Association. We are a family-owned business committed to your satisfaction and safety on every job.

chimney inspection in west knoxville tn

Chimney Inspections in the Hardin Valley & West Knoxville Regions

The best chimneys are ones that receive regular inspections. This is the only way to know exactly what’s happening within the system and to plan the correct repair or rebuilding work. Four Seasons Fireplace & Chimney provides Farragut TN homeowners and folks in neighboring communities with all three recognized levels of chimney inspection:

Level 1: The basic inspection that should be performed annually. Covers all visible areas of the chimney and its components.

Level 2: Sometimes referred to as a “real estate inspection,” these inspections are performed when the home is being sold as well as when the fireplace/chimney system is being altered (such as adding a gas insert to a masonry fireplace) and following an operational malfunction or chimney fire. Level 2 inspections normally use video imaging technology to examine the inside of the flue.

Level 3: These inspections are necessary after significant damage has been determined either visually or through a previous inspection. Prior to chimney rebuilding activities, a Level 3 inspection is usually performed.

Call the Tennessee Chimney Experts

We’re ready to help with all your chimney maintenance needs from rebuilding and masonry repair to chimney leak repair and waterproofing. Call us first and get the service and results you demand.

Four Seasons Fireplace & Chimney offers chimney sweep services, chimney repairs, fireplace & stove sales and appliance installation in the Hardin Valley/West Knoxville area including Farragut TN, Concord TN, Cedar Bluff TN, Woodland Acres TN, Lenoir City TN, Friendsville TN, Arline TN, Loudon TN, Solway TN, Karns TN, Wooded Acres TN, Oak Ridge TN, Louisville TN, and all of Greater Knoxville TN.

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